Timothy Blanchard

Tim Blanchard is a stylist and DJ based in Portland. His taste in tunes and eye for style will always leave you wanting to know more. So, we talked to him about his tattoos and his values. Get to know Tim below.

Tell us about yourself. In your opinion, what does it mean to you to be a person of substance?
In my opinion substance comes from character building and experience. Finding opportunities to expose yourself to new perspectives and from those applying what you learned to personal attributes.
What's your favorite tattoo? Tell us the story behind it.
My favorite is my back tattoo. It’s a rose that is growing behind bars with handcuffs around it. My reason for choosing that centers around my experience as a black/mexican American and emerging out of the systematic oppression we all face. The majority of the men in my family have been arrested or incarcerated at some point in their lives and through listening to experiences they have had to face I’ve learned so much about myself and it influences choices I make everyday. Out of all of that beauty arises and we preserver no matter what.
How do you think this story mirrors some of your personal values?
Perseverance is key to a success and I feel like this tattoo reminds me of the value of continuing on and pushing through all adversity that may arise.
What would be your recommendation(s) for someone thinking of getting a tattoo?
I would recommend drawing influence from what has shaped you as a person and symbolizes what you feel. I also believe overthinking can be a negative and if the occasion is right to be spontaneous then say “fuck it” and get something fun.